Friday, April 11, 2014

Donald Robertson

The Spring issue of Domino highlights Donald Robertson, the Creative Development Director of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, side job as an artist.  This side hobby has turned him into an Instagram sensation with over 21,000 followers.  Donald uses art as a way of releasing himself from watching too many movies, reading, looking at too many magazines, and being on the internet all day.  Every morning he creates three works of art, an artsy one, a gaffer tape one, and his mood determines the third.  This New York artist creates his work from anything he can find… shopping bags, pizza boxes, paint, colorful gaffing tape, etc...  

Recently, Donald hosted an Art Salon at his friend and Este Lauder Exec, John Demsey's colorful Townhouse.  Donald's wife is a minimalist, and she was on the verge of throwing his artwork away.  Donald compromised by selling his work from the Art Salon on the new app Trendablon.  John Dempsey is the farthest person from being a minimalist, so his colorful townhouse was the perfect collaboration!

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Friday, April 4, 2014


We have leaped into Spring!
Hold on tight, or you might get left behind.  We have lots planned this month.  Take a look at what we have going on-
1- April Fool's Day
5-10 Highpoint, NC Market
13- Palm Sunday and Master's Sunday
18- Good Friday
20- Easter
22- Earth Day
24-27- ADAC Sample Sale
29- Bobby McAlpine and Susan Ferrier Book Signing
30- Aerin Lauder Book Signing