Friday, September 5, 2014

Welcome to September!

We can not be more excited for September; we are hoping fall weather is right around the corner!    
This month we are focusing our blog posts on fashion, red and gold hues, and animal skins.  September is the most important month for the fashion industry, but it also trickles into the interior design world.  We are going to show you how simple techniques such as slipcovers and a hides can dress up your interiors, similar to the fashion world!

This month is packed, for example, our annual Sample Sale, a delivery of new Julian Chichester items, and  a container from the UK!  Look what we have in store-

1- Labor Day- showroom closed
2- Container 58 arrives
8- re-setting the showroom with new Julian Chichester stock
4-11- NY Fashion Week
23- 1st Day of Fall
24- Warehouse Sale