Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Louis, Louis, and Louis

The furniture made during the reign of French kings Louis XIV, XV, and XVI is considered to be the royalty furniture of the world, but how can you tell the difference from one Louis to another?

Louis XIV's furniture was the Baroque era, rather grand and had rounded forms and curved lines, and included motifs like cornucopias, sphinxes, and architectural elements. Most of the woods used under his reign were ebony, walnut, and oak.

Louis XV's furniture was the Rococo era, much softer and feminine, and
included curves and chinoiserie, flowers, seashells, and gilt-bronze
ornaments. Many woods were used during this time and included beech,
walnut, and cherry.

Louis XVI furniture was the neoclassical era, light and simple, and included straight lines and fluted legs and was much less ornate. The furniture was typically finished in natural wood with mahogany.