Thursday, December 8, 2011

Quatrefoil Design

We love all forms of quatrefoil in architecture, table tops, mirrors, jewelry, and furniture. We have seen others do as well of late! Quatrefoil means "four leaves" and is representation of a flower or leaf with four petals or leaflets, which is a symbol of good luck. This design detail became popular during the Greek Revival and Renaissance.

A few interesting facts about the Quatrefoil:
* This detail can be seen on the doors of the Baptistery in Florence.
* It is a decoration on U.S. Marine Corps officers' uniforms.
* It is the national symbol of Phi Mu sorority.
* In Celtic culture the quatrefoil symbolizes "the wheel of being".
* In Native American culture, the four leaves of the quatrefoil symbolize the four ends of the earth. This represents Native American prayers to the North, South,East and West.