Thursday, November 1, 2012

Black Interiors

To end the month of October, we have a few more black interiors to share with you.  As we said before, black is technically not a color, it is a neutral, but we all call it a color for a ease of use.  As we focus on black interiors, I also have four interesting facts on the color black:

1)  In most cultures, the spotting of a black cat is considered bad luck, except in England, where it is considered good luck.

2) Black is associated with heaviness.  For instance, most people think a black box is heavier than a white box.

3) Black is associated with sophistication and power.  For example, tuxedos, limousines, judge's robes, and priest's wardrobes. 

4) An old wives' tale says that if a woman is buried wearing black, she will come back to haunt the family.