Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!
May this year bring everyone happiness, peace and prosperity!
To celebrate the beginning of 2013, here are a few images we feel set the tone to our start this year.

ORIGINALITY is what we are kicking off with this year. 
We are celebrating those who don’t simply sing someone else's song, but who create their own voice. 

 To honor those people, designs, thoughts and directions that are original, here are two quotes from two of our most favorite originals around,
Greg Tankersley and Bobby McAlpine 
of McAlpine Tankersley.
Look for their comments in the current issue of House Beautiful.

 "I like to be overwhelmed in small spaces.  So in my lake house, I hung an enlarged Map of the Lake instead of a mirror.  Who cares what you look like at a country home?  Ego and vanity should be left in town." Bobby McAlpine

"In the powder room of my 100-year-old house, I installed a single slab of onyx for the floor and then under-let a single circle right below the wall-hung lavatory- my subtle salute to Saturday Night Fever" Greg Tankersley


Looking at our January Calendar, here are a few highlights we have so far-
 6th- Downtown Abby
21st- MLK Jr. Day
30th- New Shipment Arrives