Friday, April 5, 2013


Like most others in the Design World, we have found ourselves enthralled with Instagram.  We thought by creating an account, we could reveal to you what goes on behind the scenes, in the day to day aspects of our showroom.  Our account name is HOLLANDMACRAE, so be sure to find us!
If you have not found us, this is what has been going on in our Instagram World, from present to past-

Resetting the showroom with our new container!

The Scout Guide arrived, hot off the press!

We opened up the Scout Guide to find Mary under the Ginkgo tree!

Our container arrived from the UK!

Our new Curtain Panels were installed from Les Indiennes!

The showroom met Fernandez & True at the new KR Steak Bar in ADAC West!

Our first Insta- Our crazy Architect's study installed in our Fishbowl!