Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Inspiration: The Rosewood

Recently, a few of our team members, including Mary have visited The Rosewood Hotel in London for design inspiration!  

This luxury five star hotel, designed by Tony Chi, is located in the Holborn neighborhood of the West End in London.  Formally the headquarters for Pearl Assurance Company, the neoclassical building was designed by H Percy Monckton.  
Some of our favorite parts of the hotel are the bar, copper entrance, and boxwoods along the street.
Pictured above, the copper and glass gallery wall with a black and white mosaic tiled floor.

The bar, Sara's favorite, has a great library feel.  Lots of velvet upholstery, a fireplace, fun iron globe chandeliers, and a piano bar at night!   The bar also offers a special cocktail list and a list of curries and casseroles.  If you order a Martini, your drink comes in a Waterford Martini Glass, and your check will arrive in an old leather bound book!

Last but not least, the Boxwoods lining the hotel add the finishing touches to the whole experience!