Friday, September 2, 2011



Each month we are going to highlight a color. We have deemed September as the month of RED. We looked outside our front door this morning and found a few really interesting objects in fantastic shades of red. Check out our favorite neighbor, South of Market's, sign post. Who would have thought we could go six steps outside our front door and be overwhelmed with great views of RED.

Interesting facts for you -

Did you know RED is the color often worn by brides in China?

In boxing more RED gloves are worn more than any other color.

Who does not recognize Target's RED bullseye logo? In 1967 Target changed its bullseye logo to look more modern and is similar to the one used today.

In classic Feng Shui teachings RED is considered stimulating, passionate, activating, exciting and powerful.

Ask Tiger Woods what he thinks about the color RED, and he may say it helps him win. He has been known to wear a RED shirt on the final day of golf tournaments.