Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Start

Why, why, why is there a need for another blog I ask . . . . . . .well, what we hope to offer is a quick reminder of what is all around us but often missed because of carpools, schedules, the line at Starbucks, work demands, family demands, and let’s face it just trying to get out the door on time every day. Our hope is to provide a quick moment of reflection for something inspirational, humorous, educational, or just plain entertaining. Out of the thousands of interesting images and people we encounter through our work, we decided to slow down a bit, smell the roses if you may, and take a chance that some of what inspires us may motivate you as well to create, laugh or get to know our extended Holland & Company - MacRae family a bit more. May our words find you and offer insight into our incredible world of design and amazing people.